Engine of the Year Award Goes to the BMW i

The BMW i Series took first place yet again at the Engine of the Year Awards. This is the third time that the vehicle earned this prestigious title, which is a testament to its innovation. With better efficiency ratings and lower CO2 emissions than many of its competitors, our team at Autohaus BMW can confidently say that this honor is well-deserved.

So what is it that makes the engine onboard the BMW i Series so special? This plug-in hybrid powertrain stays true to its purpose of an eco-conscious alternative without compromising a bit of performance. In fact, it can achieve an EPA-estimated 76 MPGe while producing as much as 357 horsepower! Translation: this green car can not only yield a driving range of 330 miles but a speed from 0-60 in just 4.2 seconds. How is that for impressive?

Here at Autohaus BMW, it is for this reason we are always delighted to present the new BMW i Series to our customers who want to stay committed to their own mission for sustainability without sacrificing fun. So if you identify with these characteristics and are currently in search of a car in Saint Louis, Missouri, then meet with our specialists to get your model right away!

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