Driving Has Not Died - Not for the BMW Z4 Concept Car, Anyway


Energetic, athletic, and edgy-looking, the all new BMW Z4 concept car is here. Our first word? "Wow".


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Aggressive and Angular - The Front End

The Z4's exterior design is all about the edges and lines that make it appear sleek, low-slung, and aggressive. From the front, the Z4 features an updated version of BMW's traditional kidney grille. Larger than usual, it takes up a notable portion of the front fascia. Almost the entire remaining portion is taken up by what appear to be air intakes on the right and left bottom corners of the front bumper. High-slung headlights finish off the front, recalling the BMW Z4's headlight design.

Poised and Polished - The Rear

The back-end of the Z4 concept car is thoroughly modern, although the rear lights, like the front lights, also recall the Z8's thin horizontal rear lights. The Z4 Concept's lights are, however, more triangular, tapering off towards the center of the car, like arrows pointing towards the BMW roundel that takes center stage in the back of this BMW.

Angular and Edgy - The Interior

The interior of the new Z4 concept is all about the lines and angles that separate the cabin into driver/passenger areas. While no physical barrier exists between driver and passenger, BMW has used color to denote the driver's side from the passenger side cleverly. This applies to the dash as much as the seats, and even the center console. The symbolic meaning? Driving has not yet died - and as long as the Z4 exists into the future, it will remain alive and well.

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