Spotting Warning Signs of Potential Brake Trouble

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Your vehicle will give signs when the brakes are running into issues, and the sooner you recognize them, the better. Pay close attention to see if your brakes are exhibiting any of the following signs:

- The brake indicator light that is on the dashboard does not go out when the car is running.

- While your vehicle is in motion, you can hear a distinct grinding sound that is coming from the brakes area.

- The underside of the vehicle near the wheel wells appears to be covered in brake fluid.

- When the brake is depressed, there is a strong vibration in the brake pedal.

- The brake pedal is very spongy when pressed.

- If you need to stop your vehicle suddenly, it will pull to one side as soon as you depress the brake pedal.

At Autohaus BMW, our experienced auto technicians can address these concerns and get your vehicle back on the road.

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