List of Dashboard Warning Lights and Their Meanings

Below is a list of some of the dashboard warning lights that may appear in your car:

  • Oil Light- When the oil light shines on your dashboard, it probably just means you need an oil change, this can be done at home or by one of our experience service techs.
  • Gas Cap Light- When this light is on, you have probably not tightened the gas cap on securely after filling up your car. Simply pull over and tighten the cap.
  • Washer Fluid Light- When the washer fluid light appears, your washer fluid is running low and needs to be filled.
  • Door Ajar- Although your doors may appear to be closed, there is most likely a door that has not been completely shut.
  • Battery Light- Your battery is probably not being charged properly, bring your car in to our service center.
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