Understand The Differences Between Auto Warranties

The warranty on your next new vehicle is going to be a very important aspect in your decision-making process. It will factor into the price and you will want to make sure that you have a solid understanding of what it is that you are getting.

Typically you will see either a powertrain warranty or a full bumper to bumper warranty offered on most new vehicles. The bumper to bumper warranty typically covers almost everything on the vehicle during the warranty period, making it a very attractive option.

A powertrain warranty covers basically anything that makes the vehicle move. This would include your engine, transmission, differentials, and driveline just to name a few things. While it doesn't cover as much as the bumper to bumper, it still covers many very expensive and critical items.

If you have any more warranty related questions then feel free to ask one of the service experts here at Autohaus BMW in Saint Louis.
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