The BMW i Series Vehicles Are Forward-Thinking

When you're driving a BMW i Series, you can get a lot of attention for driving a sporty, good-looking vehicle. What everyone might not even realize is that these cars are eco-friendly, equipped with electric engines. If you're not sure about what that means, we at Autohaus BMW can go over the technology and mechanics involved with you.

The i8 is a sleek sports car with a slim profile that sits close to the ground. The handling is very responsive, and the use of both an electric and TwinPower Turbo gas engine give the car 369 horsepower. The engines can propel the car to the 60-mph mark in as little as 4.2 seconds.

The i3 is also a fast vehicle that you can easily take with you on errands around Saint Louis or on road trips. It has more cargo space, and a strong selling point is that these cars are made in emissions-free factories.



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