Understanding Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

A better-informed driver is a happier driver! When you bring your vehicle in to our service department at Autohaus BMW in Saint Louis for an oil change, we're more than happy to answer your questions regarding the meaning of motor oil viscosity ratings.

The higher a motor oil is rated for viscosity, the slower it moves. A 10W-30 motor oil rating indicates a 10W viscosity when the engine is cold, and a 30W when the engine runs hot. This the reason we often recommend a multi-grade oil to keep our customers' vehicles running at peak performance. Multi-grade oils do a better job of lubricating your engine within a wider range of temperature extremes than a single-grade motor oil does.

When was your vehicle's last oil change? Why not make an appointment at our service department? Our technicians can recommend a motor oil with the proper viscosity rating for your needs.

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