Have You Heard of Slow Down and Move Over Laws?

It is almost a norm that at one point vehicles do break along our highways in St. Louis, MO. In all the states of the US, there exists a set of laws that guide other drivers on what to do when they come into contact with such a situation. The disturbing part of the scenario is that quite a good number of drivers in America have not heard of the laws.

Recent research by Mason Dixon Polling & Research found out that up to 71% of Americans had never heard of the Move Over Laws. The laws require that as you approach a vehicle that has been pulled over and has its emergency lights on, you have to slow down to a significantly low speed of no more than 15 mph and then change from that lane to next if there is one.

At Autohaus BMW, our staff is proud to join the rest of the country in enhancing public awareness of this law.

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