Kitty Litter vs. Salt: Which is Better?

Salt has been a common material to keep in a vehicle as an emergency resource during the winter time. It melts the ice on the snowy and icy roadways, and has proven to be effective over the years. However, it is more expensive than a popular alternative: kitty litter.

Salt is so high demand in the winter time and can be difficult to come by. Kitty litter works in a different fashion from salt. It absorbs the moisture around it, allowing the vehicle to gain traction. It can become slippery when left in place for long periods of time. So those in Saint Joseph, MO who are using kitty litter on their driveways should replace it with fresh compounds on a regular basis.

Experts at Autohaus BMW will happily assist anyone who is looking for more information about their winter emergency roadside kit. Knowledge is the most valuable tool anyone can have to avoid dangerous situations.

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