Keeping Your Cool in Spring

The spring season is usually a time of year when more people are on the road. Make sure your vehicle is in proper operating order with a few simple tips. Check your battery after the harder starts in the cold weather of the winter season. You can bring your vehicle to Autohaus BMW so that we can check your alternator and starter as well so that you aren't stranded.

In warmer weather, your vehicle might tend to overheat. Flush the radiator, checking to see if there are any leaks from the hoses. You should also make sure the fan works and the thermostat so that the coolant flows through the vehicle, keeping the motor from overheating.

Before you get on the road to enjoy warmer temperatures, visit us in Saint Louis to get the fluids and cooling components checked. We can also show you details about what to pay attention to if your vehicle overheats or if there are electrical issues that need attention.

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