Drive Away in a BMW 6 Series

BMW 6 Series vehicles give owners luxury style, outstanding quality and the unmatched pleasure of the brand's driving experience. Cruise carefully, these eclectic beauties may stop traffic as you drive by.

From convertible to coupe, hatchback to sedan, BMW 6 Series is top of the line driving. On the highway the 445 horsepower and steering capability are assisted by powerful V-8 engines. Also consider the eight-speed transmission. User friendly design systems include iDrive combined with the renowned BMW navigation system and other top of the line options.

Visit Autohaus BMW to choose your chariot, these cars may have multi-contour seats upholstered in rich leather or Surround View Camera systems. Rear-wheel drive is standard, add all-wheel drive if required.

Show other drivers how it's done with iDrive 6.0 navigation and other amenities. WiFi Hotspot is available in certain Premium Package cars. Meet with knowledgeable staff at Autohaus BMW in Saint Louis and drive off with a smile.



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