BMW i8 Series Breaks the Electric Car Mold

Electric vehicles don't have to be utilitarian. The BMW i8 is anything but that, breaking all the molds when it comes to comfort and style, which is why it has been a favorite among our customers in Saint Louis since its introduction. Available in coupe and roadster versions, these plug-in hybrids represent the future of green vehicles.

You won't have to worry about power, either. The i8's engine packs 369 hp and can take you from 0 to 60 in just 4.2 seconds. These vehicles have weight distribution that is nearly perfect, giving you aerodynamic excellence augmented by carbon fiber reinforced construction.

Outside and inside, you'll get the sleek, dynamic design that you expect from BMW. Imagine driving on the highway in a vehicle with sweeping lines and scissor doors that give it a sporty allure. Comfortable upholstered seats and an informational cockpit complete this outstanding vehicle's features.



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