Going with BMW's Certified Pre-Owned Deal

Buying a pre-owned car with less than 60,000 miles opens a door for saving money. With the BMW certified pre-owned program, buyers can save money and buy with confidence. The vehicles contain only real BMW replacement parts and go through a comprehensive inspection and maintenance process before hitting the market.

When a vehicle receives all recommended maintenance, it should run better and safer. Purchasing a used car, however, comes with concerns over necessary maintenance. With a certified pre-owned program, no such worries exist. BMW's mechanics review the vehicle to make sure all the required maintenance is done.

BMW takes further steps to ensure the preowned cars are safe. All models go out for a road test before entering the market place. A road test tells a lot about performance.

You can learn a lot by taking a vehicle out for a test drive in Saint Louis. At Autohaus BMW, we have excellent BMW models for you to check out.



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