At Autohaus BMW, we're always on the lookout for luxury cars that come with the latest innovations and an effortless driving experience. That's why our expert staff members are so excited about the BMW 3 Series. This popular small luxury sedan blends iconic BMW design with sophisticated technology — an irresistible combination for people who love to drive.

From the moment you slide into the 3 Series, you'll feel the difference. The intuitive design keeps all of the essentials in easy reach, so you're right at home. With its high-end Vernasca leather upholstery, this vehicle feels comfortable and luxurious.

BMW understands that sometimes, you can't look down to see navigation. The Head-Up Display solves this problem by projecting crucial data right onto your windshield. That way, you can follow directions without looking away from the road. Check out this futuristic feature for yourself by stopping in for a test drive.



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