Bit by bit, your tires lose air pressure. There's nothing wrong with the tires. They lose PSI every month. Air doesn't stay inside tires forever. When enough air escapes, a tire pressure warning light goes on. When it does, put some air in the tire. Otherwise, you could wear the tire out too soon or risk an immediate blowout.

When the temperature changes in Saint Louis, tire pressure can unexpectedly drop. Both hot and cold extremes could affect tire pressure. So does a punctured tire, and punctures might occur if you hit a sharp object on the road.

Keep a tire pump in the trunk. This way, you can add air as needed. You don't want to drive around on a vehicle with low tire pressure. Safety issues arise when the tire doesn't have the right amount of air.

At Autohaus BMW, we can service your tires and perform other maintenance requests. Contact our service department for more information.


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