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  • Pam Eppers, General Manager

  • Joe Emerson, General Sales Manager

  • Todd Cherry, Sales Manager

  • Kent Lindstrom, Pre-Owned Sales Manager

  • Steve Emerson, Finance Manager

  • Heather Vivrett, Finance Manager

  • Jamie Miller, Portfolio Manager

    Years in Industry: Since 2010
    Years with BMW: Since 2010
    Jamie started with BMW in February 2010 and then came on board with Autohaus BMW in 2013. When she is not at work, Jamie enjoys spending time with her children. She has a son, Eric, and a daughter, Layla Jean. They keep her busy with soccer, baseball, and school! Jamie has always enjoyed working with BMW...the brand, the customers, and the product.

  • Gerd Petermann, Client Advisor

    Years with BMW: Since 1991

  • Bob Dedert, Client Advisor

    Years in Industry: Since 2001
    Years with BMW: Since 2004
    Four years in the Marine Corps instilled a fitness ethic in Bob. He still works out and is overall conscious of decisions affecting his health.
    After his military service, Bob worked in a Ford dealership for four years and has been with Autohaus for seven years after making the connection through a friend.  Bob appreciates the fact that Autohaus has grown so much in the years he's been here and advises, "Work hard!"
    Bob and his "wonderful wife" have a daughter, Addison, who is a fashionista at age 2, and a one-year-old son, Drake. The family also enjoys the company of an American Bulldog named Macy.
    In addition to working out to keep up with all his responsibilities, Bob is one of those sports fans that annually earns St. Louis the title of, "Best Sports Town."

  • Brett Midgley, Client Advisor

    Years in Industry: Since 2006
    Years with BMW: Since 2006
    Brett came on board in 2006 at the start of Autohaus' extreme growth spurt. It's important to note, Brett says, "That through all this growth, the personalized way in which we do business has not changed." His work ethic and values include, "Be yourself and have fun." Brett's wife, Eryn and he have two handsome sons, Asher and Cooper. The boys, plus two Yorkie pups don't leave Brett time for hobbies.

  • Dennis Schaffner, Client Advisor

    Years in Industry: Since 1977   
    Years with BMW: Since 1987
    Awards: Numerous Podium and Profile in Achievement Awards, Including National Sales Council
    Dennis started his automotive career with Porsche in 1977. He came to BMW in 1987 while living in Honolulu. He has a Masters Degree from Washington University School of Engineering.  He has two daughters who are both in college. In his off time he enjoys swimming and bicycling. Dennis is very passionate about the BMW brand and product.  He will do everything to provide you the Ultimate Autohaus BMW Experience!

  • Renard Lasane, Client Advisor

    Years in Industry: Since 1984
    Years with BMW: Since 1998
    Awards: Profiles in Achievement
    Renard has been in the auto 'biz' for over 30 years, working in every capacity from manufacturing and management to sales. His customer service philosophy is, "Exceed customer expectations." He and his wife have three sons, one daughter, several grandchildren and one Black Lab. He loves to cook and often entertains the entire family but still works in two golf games a week.

  • Joe Bauer, Client Advisor

    Years in Industry: Since 2012
    Years with BMW: Since 2012

    After graduating from Mizzou Joe worked in heavy construction equipment sales for a Caterpillar dealer for six years.  Joe came to BMW in 2012 with Autohaus. Joe, like many others, is a BMW enthusiast that loves the product, heritage and driving the Ultimate Driving Machine! Joe has a wife, Katie and they have a Cavapoo puppy named Frankie.  Joe and his wife enjoy boating at the lake.  Joe's other hobbies include hunting and golf.  Joe is dedicated to helping customers and supplying the Ultimate Autohaus Experience!

  • Jens Petermann, Client Advisor

    Jens came to Autohaus BMW 2016. He is dedicated to providing you the best experience and customer satisfaction.

    Jens Petermann

  • Brad Mares, Client Advisor

  • Matt Viero, Client Advisor

  • Nick Markovic, Client Advisor,

  • Chris Buie, BMW Product Genius

  • Larry Handel, BMW Product Genius

  • Marquis Mischeaux, BMW Product Genius